A Virginia State Police Trooper died after a shooting broke out

6 month ago

Farmville news, Virginia news.

A Virginia police officer died after a shootout Monday in Farmville during a search warrant.

Lucas Dowell was identified in the reports as a soldier shot during the raid and died later in the hospital. The suspect died on the scene.

State police said the authorities were carrying out a search of a house when the shooting started. The raid was carried out by the regional drug division of Piedmont, with the support of a tactical team, equivalent to that of the SWAT team.

"The tactical team entered the house shortly before 10 pm An adult man inside the headquarters opened fire on them on Monday," the Virginia police said in a press release. "The members of the tactical team fought back."

Dowell's colleagues praised him for his sacrifice and courage during his years in office.

"This is a very difficult day for the state police," said Colonel Gary T. Seitel, a Virginia police officer.

The suspect, who was the only person in the house, is also dead. It has not been identified yet.

Police said no other soldiers were injured during the shooting. Because of the Virginia police's policy, the two soldiers who fired their weapons "were put on administrative leave".