Escaped MMA fighter arrested by Texas police

6 month ago

Conroe news, Texas news.

Texas police announced the arrest of the professional MMA fighter who has escaped from a private inmate transport in Conroe, Texas.

After a massive manhunt, 44-year-old Cedric Joseph Marks, almost known as "Spiderman" was taken into custody and remains in jail, Conroe police LT. Scott Spencer said.

The incident happened on Friday at about 7:20 a.m. when the vehicle which carried 10 inmates and two guards stopped at McDonald's in the city for food about 40 miles north of Houston. Authorities locked down the area in order to search for him.

Officials said that the shirt of Marks was later discovered by law enforcement later in the day.

The inmate faces two murder charges in the killings of Jenna Scott and Michael Sweringing.