Colorado teen tried as adult enters guilty plea in 10-year-old girl horific homicide

7 month ago

Denver news, Colorado news.

A Colorado teen entered a guilty plea on Friday in Adams County District Court for the killing of 10-year-old girl.

16-year-old Adian Zellmer faced charges of first degree murder for the death of Kiaya Campbell whose body was found in a Thorton park in June 2017.

The girl disappeared after she went in a ride with Zellmer. The teen claimed that he later saw her just before a thunderstorm.

Kiaya's body was found about a mile and a half from where she last vanished.

Autopsy results showed that the victim sustained several wounds including skull fractures and open lacerations on the head.

Zellmer was taken into custody two days later and was charged as an adult.

His sentence is set for March, 11. He faces a maximum sentence of life behind bars with possibility of parole.