Pilot and four people killed following a small plane crash

10 month ago

Yorba Linda news, California news.

Police said a small plane crashed in Yorba Linda town in southern California, killing the pilot and four people in a house where the wreckage was set on fire.

Two other people suffered moderate burns, according to the Orange County Police Department. Yorba Linda is located 56 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

The Cessna 414A, a tween engine, crashed about 10 minutes after taking off from a local airport, scattering debris on four buildings in the city and setting the house on fire, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Two men and two women were killed in the fire.

Nancy Mell, 65, said she heard the whine of an airplane engine and hid at home with her dogs.

The flying debris passed through the windows and the propeller crashed in its path, while a burning wing fell into another front yard, according to the newspaper.

Police and firefighters delayed the ward and police observers said the fire was being investigated.

Police emissaries said the National Transportation Safety Board was also investigating the debris. An NTSB spokesperson was not immediately available to comment on Monday.