Four-year-old child shot his pregnant mother

7 month ago

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A four-year-old child shot his pregnant mother in Washington State on the face after finding the weapon in the house. The weapon was hidden by his father, fearing a recent crime in the neighborhood.

The 27-year-old mother and her partner, the boy's father, were in bed watching TV when their child found the gun.

He then accidentally shot his mother, said Sgt. Ryan Abbott, spokesman for the King County Sheriff's Office.

According to Sheriff King's office, the mother, who is eight-months pregnant was taken to the Harperview Medical Center. She is seriously injured.

Her condition improved and she was transferred to another hospital, the Washington Post reported.

Under a new law in the state, gun owners can be criminally prosecuted for not storing their firearms safely.

Investigators will review the case on February 4 to see if any fees should be paid.