Zebra froze to death in Indiana after it got trapped in a fence amid icy and cold temperatures

7 month ago

Indiana news.

A zebra died of cold in Indiana earlier this week after being trapped in a fence while the weather was so cold.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office at WTHR confirmed that the zebra hooves had been placed in a fence outside a farm in Indiana. Because of freezing temperatures resulting in fatal internal injuries.

The State Council on Animal Health reiterated the assessment of the police commissioner's office, adding that the death of the animal was undoubtedly caused by subzero temperatures.

However, after the inspection, the police claimed that the property had sufficient supplies, including shelter, food and water, for the animals kept outside, including the dowry, kangaroo and other zebras. Since then, the zebra that survived the incident has been moved to another area of ​​the farm where its owners can regularly check its condition and safety during the last days the maximum temperatures.