A Brooklyn high-school basketball coach accused of shooting the dad of one of his players

7 month ago

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A Brooklyn high school basketball coach accused of shooting at the father of one of his players was charged with attempted murder on Saturday and released a few hours after being released on bail.

Todd Myles of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the College of Technology at the beginning of the campus Paul Robison criticized 22-year-old Christopher Hooks on December 22 after the father went to the coach's home to check on his son's status, according to a criminal complaint.

Police said Myles, 42, shot himself with a pistol.

The bullet touched a hook in the left clavicle, an artery cut through the throat and a paragraph, causing a stroke, according to court documents.

He was so bad in the hospital that he could not communicate with the investigators at first.

Myles took advantage of his own injury to tell a story - which turned out to be false - that a third man at his home in Queens was responsible for the shooting, the police said. But the hooks partially recovered from his stroke and, when he was able to detect the investigators that it was Myles who had shot him and hit him with a pistol, he had shouted, "I entered my garden ", according to police and court documents.

Myles, who was arrested on Friday, was charged by the Brooklyn Criminal Court with assault, second-degree use of a firearm, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Court officials said members of the Miles family, including two retired Reformers, attended the Saturday afternoon session.

When he was released on $ 150,000 bail, Myles was seen hugging the correctional officer who was walking with him through the entrance to a private garage leading to the Brooklyn Detention Center.