A powerful rainstorm is forecast to batter the western United States over the next couple of days, especially California

7 month ago

California news.

As the polar vortex retreats, a strong and dangerous rainstorm is expected to hit the western United States over the weekend, especially in California.

The National Meteorological Service warned that heavy rains could cause landslides, rockslides and floods, while snow feet were digging mountains.

Meteorologists say the rain will continue until Saturday, as flash floods and debris flows will be of particular concern in areas near the burn zone.

"Southern California residents are urged to take the necessary steps to protect their property in or near recently burned areas," said the meteorological service. Meanwhile, snow can fall to 10 feet in Sierra Nevada, where "travel is not very encouraging". Winter storm warnings were valid for hundreds of kilometers of California's highlands, from the Oregon border north of Los Angeles.