The city of Atlanta wasted $23 million on a pedestrian bridge that will now be blocked off because of security risks.

7 month ago

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Atlanta, waiting to stage Sunday's Super Bowl, wasted $ 23 million on a pedestrian bridge for football fans who will be suspended for the big game due to security risks.

The $ 13-million bridge originally connects Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium to the transit station. The goal is to allow the growth of a number of vehicles.

The cost of the project has been reduced by an additional $ 10 million. With its beautiful LED lamps and other aesthetic improvements, it would not be possible for the game.

The Atlanta Journal reported that the stadium security authorities had been completed on time. The bridge was closed to the public after it was decided that the distance between the stadium entrance was a security risk.

The bridge will only be used by Super Bowl employees and accredited media.

Activists and social media criticize the bridge's closure to the public, which sees it as another example of the city's waste of money on vanity projects that can not be used for this purpose.

Lorraine Welch, an Atlanta activist: "Instead, we think tourists will think that Atlanta is beautiful because we have a light bridge climbing the skin of the snake to cross a four-lane road."