Authorities reportedly opted against charging Michael Avenatti following a physically abused

7 month ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

While the Los Angeles Attorney's Office announced Friday that it would not prosecute the domestic violence charge against the famous lawyer, there would be hearings on the charges, according to the Associated Press.

Rob Wilcox, spokesman for the city's prosecutor, Mike Feuer, said that it is possible that charges of domestic violence or domestic violence could eventually be laid after the hearings.

The announcement follows the November incident in which actress Mareli Miniutti claimed that Avenatti had dragged her by the arm on the floor of her apartment after an argument.

The Los Angeles District Attorney announced about a week after the incident that the case would be sent back to the City Attorney's Office to review the crime record.

Avenatti - who represents adult movie star Stormy Daniels - welcomed the decision on Friday, saying that after many investigations, "the truth about my innocence is now established".

An attorney from Miniutti told the Associated Press that he had learned of the decision of the chief counsel of the family violence unit of the city prosecutor, who believed that his attorneys thought his client could not succeed.

Attorney Michael Bachner reportedly condemned the result, saying it was "a scandal", not just for his client "but for women around the world."

"The message sent to the victims of abuse is clear - think carefully before you manifest," said Bachner in his statement.