St. Louis cops accused of fatally shooting colleague were under alcohol's influence

7 month ago

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The two St. Louis police officers who are accused of fatally shooting their colleague were reportedly under the influence of alcohol when the shooting occurred.

Officer Nathanial Hendren, the accused shooter, and officer Patrick Riordan were both on duty and playing a dangerous gun game with the victim, Katlyn Alix, 24, who was off-duty at the moment of the deadly shooting. According to a police department statement, Hendren emptied the revolver's chambers except from one bullet and pulled the trigger while pointing at Alix, when nothing happened she took the revolver and pulled the trigger for her turn. But when Hendren pulled it again and fired, it discharged the chambered bullet, fatally hitting Alix.

Alix, who graduated from the St. Louis Police Academy in 2017, was buried Wednesday.