North Carolina man hit with 5k bill for getting a flu shot

7 month ago

Charlotte news, North Carolina news.

A North Carolina man got the worst flu shot of his life when he was slapped with a $4,692 bill as he left the medical facility.

Matt Gleason was badly hit with the heavy bill after he fainted from a flu shot and was vomiting urging the nurses to keep testing him to unsure he wasn't suffering a heart attack. "The symptoms Mr. Gleason presented with could have been any number of things, some of them fatal," the hospital said in a statement. "In Mr. Gleason's case, there were several variables that made this a level 5 visit."

The medical bill included a $2,961 ER admission fee and nearly $1,000 for blood tests.

The married father of two is struggling to pay the amount: "What it does is wipe out our savings," Mr. Gleason said.