Girl Scout troop leader alleged that her girls robbed of over $1,000 while they sold cookies at a New Jersey mall

7 month ago

Woodbridge news, New Jersey news.

The Girl Scout leader, who claimed to have been robbed of more than $ 1,000 while selling biscuits at a New Jersey mall, was removed from office after the police stated that the story had not succeeded.

According to a statement released by the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey on Wednesday, the Woodbridge Police Service concluded that there was "insufficient evidence" to support Jessica Medina's claim. The police also said that the evidence is not there to support the allegation of theft.

Medina reportedly told the police that an envelope containing $ 1,100 in cash and checks had been removed from their table on January 18 and that she suspected the culprits were a disabled man, the New York Post reported.

"To this end, the GSCSNJ removed this troop leader from her Girl Scout volunteer position."

"It became the game of responsibility after 12 days of not doing their job properly," Medina told Post Wednesday. "If they had found them that night, they could have stopped them. This person would have had the envelope in his possession that night. "

Medina went on to say that she did not need to steal the money, her husband earning "$ 200,000 a year." She said video surveillance will make things clearer.