Trump confirmed Washington’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty with Russia

7 month ago

Washington news, Washington news.

President Donald Trump has confirmed Washington's withdrawal from the nuclear arms treaty with Russia, which has been at the center of nuclear weapons control since the Cold War. He also said that NATO allies fully support his decision.

He accused Russia of nonconformity and said the US would revert to an agreement stating that if Moscow destroys what Washington sees as "a violation of missiles, launchers and associated equipment".

The current White House administration says that the 9-1929 Moscow missile violates the terms of the agreement signed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, an essential step to end the cold war. The treaty prohibits the firing of conventional and conventional land-based missiles from 500 km to 5,500 km.

There has been persistent speculation that, irrespective of compliance issues, the Pentagon would have been excluded from treaty provisions, which do not oblige countries that have increased military capabilities, including China, in the past three years. decades.

"The treaty is contrary to US policy and poses obstacles on the way to its military-industrial complex," said Ivan Ivanov, director of the Center for Strategic Environmental Research. "The United States does not want to turn Russia and China into new centers of power, threatening Washington's global hegemony, which is already collapsing."