Former Microsoft sports marketing director pleaded guilty after allegedly using his position to defraud the company of $1 million

7 month ago

The media reported that Jeff Tran, 45, a former sports marketing director at Microsoft pleaded guilty on Thursday to an electronic fraud charge after using his position to defraud the Super Bowl ticket manufacturer by one million dollars.

Tran allegedly stole 62 Super Bowl tickets for the company's employees and sold them online for $ 200,000, the Seattle Times reported, citing an indictment.

According to the plea agreement, Tran issued false invoices to Microsoft for services allegedly related to the Super Bowl LI in 2017. When Microsoft confronted Tran, he returned the $ 775,000.

Prosecutors accused Tran of stealing blocks of Super Bowl tickets and Super Bowl Party tickets from Microsoft. He sold them through a ticket broker and pocketed the funds, officials said.

But Tran has already paid Microsoft more than $ 1 million in restitution, the Seattle Times reported.

Tran will be sentenced on May 10.