The Gypsy Jokers’ biker gang charged with kidnapping, torture, murder and various other alleged crimes

7 month ago

Oregon news.

The national president of the Gypsy Jokers and several other members of the notorious biker gang - who according to the authorities have "sown violence and intimidation" throughout the Pacific Northwest - were charged on Thursday with kidnapping, torture, murder and various other alleged crimes. document says.

Kenneth Earl Hause, the club's 61-year-old leader, and five other members were accused of leaving unconscious people behind bar fights, brutal assaults by their rivals, torture of members of the club. club that led those who spoke. to the police, reported the Oregonian, citing an unsealed indictment.

"It is an organization whose members and associates are proud to live outside the law and use kidnappings, assaults, murders, and other forms of violence to expand and maintain their power," Oregon prosecutor Oregon said in a statement. Billy J. Williams.

In September 2018, Hause reportedly used large rings or a game of American fists to stun a member of the Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association, the Oregonian newspaper reported. He said he ordered the man to close the club within 30 days and threatened to kill anyone who reported the assault to the police.

Other allegations include the assault of a man in a bar who spoke to the police about the gang and the separate assault of a woman for "disrespecting" by dancing with members of the rival Mongolian club. Motorcycle Club.

The other five members, Mark Dencklau, 58; Earl Fisher, 48; Ryan Negrinelli, 36; Joseph Folkerts, 61; and an anonymous accused. They were also charged with kidnapping and murder and the 2015 assassination of Robert Huggins, a former member, reported the newspaper Salem's Statesman.