Alleged serial killer says he feels like 96-year-old at age 26 since being in jail

one year ago

Tampa news, Florida news.

A Florida inmate suspected of gunning down four persons in 2017 claimed that the prison was making him physically ill and asked doctor examination.

26-year-old Howell Emanuel Donaldson III who said that he felt like he was 96-year-old after spending 427 days since his arrest in Tampa.

"Since I've been in jail, I've had unfortunate things happen to me," Donaldson told the Judge. "Since I've been in there I've become physically ill."

Donaldson also claimed that he has been an athlete, but is now hardly standing, and feels like he won't last very long in jail.

The Judge agreed to allow the accused serial killer to be examined in order to determine if his medical condition really needs treatment.