Florida woman nearly devoured by hippo recalls the attack

7 month ago

Florida news.

Kristen Yaldor may have lived her worst nightmare last month when she was attacked by a hippopotamus during a canoeing trip in Zimbabwe.

The Florida woman, who described herself as a wildlife enthusiast, and her husband, were riding in a two-person canoe on the Zambezi River when one of the trip guides noticed hippos on the right side of the river. Shortly after, Yaldor saw the back of a hippo underneath the water. "Something popped up underneath our canoe...And I could see that it was a back of a hippo, "She said. "The canoe tipped forward to where I fell into the water toward the deep side." The animal, believed to be protecting a calf, caught Yaldor's leg and grabbed her to the water. Yaldor fought the hippo until she could flee to the shore where she was taken to a small clinic.