Austin police offer electric heating units for a a 92-year-old veteran

7 month ago

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Louis Hicks is a 92-year-old veteran who served in the Navy and the Army during the Second World War.

He lives in a house in Austin, Texas, where he has lived for 83 years. Thanks to the Austin police, he is no longer forced to spend the winter in the cold.

A week ago, a 911 call about an alleged burglary caused the police to discover that he was not being heated.

On Tuesday, they delivered a portable electric heating and cooling unit offered by the Austin Police Association and Cops for Charities.

"I heard that the oven was on, then I told him about it and I realized he was using it to heat it," said agent Chasity Salazar, who responded to the alleged crime. at home last week.

Their kindness made the hard veterinarian cry.

"You hate asking anyone because sometimes they frown at you, and I was a real veteran, I will not ask," said Hicks.

"No one has ever done anything to help me." he added.