Special counsel investigation and shootings in Las Vegas are "very sad events" according to Trump

7 month ago

President Donald Trump has criticized the FBI in an interview with a far-right website founded by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

The president attacked the FBI for arresting the infamous "executioner" Roger Stone, who has been advising Trump politically for decades.

"I thought it was very unusual. You know, I stayed out of this situation because there was no collusion. Nothing was done wrong, "said Trump.

"And frankly, I could have waded very early. I could have ended it very easily if I wanted to, "said Trump, who had obstructed justice.

Trump also complained to the FBI of spending $ 30 million for the special advocate's investigation, without acknowledging that Robert Mueller had already seized more than the cost of the investigation.

Trump compared the investigation into his alleged Russian collusion with Stephen Paddock's Las Vegas mass shooting.