At least 8 people died as a result of the coldest weather in decades across the Northern Plains and Midwest over the past few days

7 month ago

At least eight people have died in recent days in the northern plains and the central-west of the coldest regions of recent decades. In addition, university courses have been canceled, airports have been paralyzed and it is possible to reach up to 3 feet of snow effect lake in upstate New York.

Weather conditions that disrupted transportation in the North American Amtrak Midwest corridor service in the United States will remain closed on Thursday, although officials plan to resume long distance service. Stops were put in place for long periods at Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports.

The wind chill in Chicago was brought down to minus 52 Wednesday - the coldest chill since 1985. It was minus 55 in Minneapolis, the coldest since 1985. The wind chill in upstate New York has reached minus 38 degrees during the night.

Arctic air crossing the frozen Great Lakes has produced snow feet, including nearly 20 inches in Buffalo and several feet in Oswego and Watertown, New York.

The temperature was as low as minus 3 degrees in New York on Thursday morning, the coldest temperature so far this season.

The last really cold day of this period will be Thursday.

Thursday morning, 29 states in the United States are on cold and snow alert from the Dakota to Florida and Maine.

The wind chills are brutal on the east coast early Thursday, at least 14 in New York, minus 15 in Boston and minus 1 in Washington, D.C.