A hidden underground tunnel in Florida, and authorities believe it may lead to a nearby bank.

7 month ago

Pembroke Pines news, Florida news.

Police officers answered the call of a worried driver about a hole in the road near a Chase bank on Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard Wednesday afternoon when they made the shocking discovery, reports WSVN. What the driver thought was a big pothole in the middle of the road in Pembroke Pines, Florida, turned out to be an underground tunnel that, according to the authorities, could lead to a nearby bank.

The authorities said that it appears that the beginning of the tunnel is in a wooded area near the bank.

The FBI joined the local police as part of an investigation into the newly discovered tunnel, which would extend for about 50 meters. It is at least two feet in diameter.

According to WPLG, part of the tunnel entrance was hidden by a wooden pallet. When they removed the piece of wood, police said they found a pair of mud-covered boots, a ladder, a small electric generator, electrical cords, and other tools.

Investigators said the tunnel appeared to be dug by hand using tools such as a pickaxe, with a small wagon used to haul the earth and rock out, Leverock added.

The video of the scene shows agents examining the hole that is now clogged. Officials plan to dig the tunnel to better understand its purpose.

Chase said it would remain open, although its passage is temporarily blocked as officials continue to investigate the case.

It is unclear whether anyone has tried to steal the bank and no suspects have been identified yet. A cadaver dog determined that there was nobody inside the tunnel.