White House announced that it planned to nominate three judges for the California seats on the 9th US Circuit

7 month ago

After a day of attacks by right-wing commentators, the White House announced Wednesday night that it is considering appointing three judges for California seats at the US Circuit's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The 9th Left Circuit was a frequent target of President Donald Trump, but when the White House announced its intention to rename dozens of judges who had not yet been heard at the last Congress, those who had previously been appointed The 9th circuit was not on the list.

In a statement released Wednesday night, the White House Press Service announced that Daniel P. Collins, Kenneth Kiyul Lee and Daniel A. Bress had been nominated for the 9th Circuit. But Patrick Bumatay, who was nominated for the 9th circuit last time, was named to serve as a judge at the Southern District of California's US District Court, instead of the 9th Circuit.

After the White House released its new list, Severino issued a statement. "We are relieved to see that the White House has decided to present a list of highly qualified candidates who adhere to the rule of law," she said.

As for Feinstein and Harris, they issued a joint statement in which they were "deeply disappointed" at the choice to rename Collins and Lee.

"We clearly indicated our opposition to these people and told the White House that we wanted to work together to reach a consensus on a new package of candidates," reads the statement.

The White House sent three nominations for the 9th circuit to Capitol Hill, triggering a firestorm. A letter from White House lawyer Don McGahn to the Senate Speaker of the Judiciary, Chuck Grassley, said that after two years "trying to engage constructively" with Feinstein and Harris, the President had decided to "appoint his own qualified candidates".