One year after her death, 17-year-old Colorado girl's death found to be a homicide.

7 month ago

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Park County sheriff revealed that the 17-year-old girl was ‘purposefully set on fire and burned alive’ in December 2017.

Maggie Long was killed on December 1, 2017, in her family’s Bailey home. A lack of information about the case has frustrated the community, leading to fear and rumors about what happened.

“My intention was to get out here and try to see what we could do about this case and to get the public involved and let them know we’re working on it,” said Sheriff Tom McGraw.

McGraw says investigators are searching for at least three suspects, who might have changed their appearances since the killing.

McGraw said the suspects spent a “significant” amount of time in Long’s home on Dec. 1, 2017, the same day a fire ravaged her home along County Road 43 in Bailey.

“It saddens me greatly to tell you that Maggie was purposely set on fire and burned alive,” McGraw said.

The sheriff said Monday that it's believed the suspects targeted Long's home but didn't necessarily have prior intention to target Long herself.

McGraw said the case was still active and called the investigation “methodical and time-consuming.” He said that there will be billboards going up across the Denver and Colorado Springs areas promoting the tips website and asking for information.

Authorities have increased the reward to $50,000 for information about the case, and a new website,, has been created so the public can leave anonymous tips.