Thief crawled into driver's window,Stole dollar bill at knifepoint.

7 month ago

Hillsborough news, Florida news.

A man was arrested after crawling through a driver’s car window and running off with a dollar bill, deputies said.

On January 23, Jerome Marciniak, 59, approached the victim's car window and allegedly demanded the money that she had just withdrawn while brandishing a four-inch knife.

After the victim refused to give him any money, Marciniak leaned into the open driver’s side window and demanded the victim give him the car.

He crawled through the open driver’s side window, crawled over the victim and maneuvered himself onto the passenger seat.

Marciniak then removed the keys from the ignition while waving the knife at the victim.

The victim regained control of the keys and struggled with the suspect over the knife.

The suspect then grabbed a $1.00 bill off the passenger floorboard and fled out the passenger side door.

The victim suffered deep cuts to her right hand and fingers in the altercation.

Marciniak was arrested about 10 miles away from the bank and is accused of several charges including aggravated battery and armed burglary. He is currently being held at the Hillsborough County Jail, on a bail bond of $67,500.