boy summoned dispatcher to help him with math homework after calling 911.

7 month ago

Lafayette news, Indiana news.

A 911 dispatcher in Indiana hailed as a dedicated employee after helping a boy who has called her to help him with his homework.

Lafayette Police dispatcher Antonia Bundy answered the call from the boy, who said he had “a bad day at school.” It seemed the boy had “tons of homework” before the dispatcher narrowed down that he was having trouble with fractions.

An audio recording of the call posted on Twitter shows how the dispatcher helped the child solve an equation.

"I'm sorry for calling you, but it really, really helped," said the boy after the pair had worked out the math problem together.

The Lafayette Indiana PD say they don't recommend that people call 911 for maths homework help "but this dispatcher helped a young boy out and brightened his day".

Ms. Bundy has received comments of praise online from people who say she handled the situation perfectly.

"This dispatcher clearly understands that it may not be an emergency to us, but it is to somebody," said one commenter.

"Great job helping this very stressed young man in his time of need."