A Florida man whose newlywed wife went missing at sea is facing prison

7 month ago

Miami news, Florida news.

A Florida man whose wife disappeared at sea while the couple left the Bahamas faces the prison for pleading guilty to manslaughter by the federal government.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at the Miami Federal Court for Lewis Bennett, 41. He faces a maximum sentence of eight years imprisonment for the disappearance of Isabelle Hellmann, his wife for three months, in May 2017.

Bennett is a mining engineer with dual British and Australian nationality. He insisted on leaving Hellmann on the deck when he went to their cabin to fall asleep. Bennett said he woke up when the boat hit something and Hellmann was gone.

According to the FBI, an inspection of the catamaran showed that the portholes below the waterline had been opened and that the hull had been damaged from the inside.