Five Houston police officers were injured while investigating a suspected drug case

7 month ago

Houston news, Texas news.

Five police officers were injured, four of them shot, during a shootout that occurred during a drug operation Monday late afternoon in Houston, Texas.

According to the Houston police chief, a dozen policemen from the anti-narcotics squad started a police operation targeting a residence on Harding Street at around 4:45 pm

As soon as they wanted to enter the residence, they were targeted by one or two suspects. '' We are not sure of the number of suspects who have opened fire for the moment, "Art Acevedo said.

Five police officers were wounded, four of them shot during the ensuing firefight. "Two are currently in surgery. They are in critical condition, but stable, " Chief Acevedo said. Two other police officers with gunshots should fully recover from their injuries.

Two suspects were shot dead by police officers who responded to the shooting.