Two weeks into an expanding search for a missing 14-year old girl from Tennessee

7 month ago

Madisonville news, Tennessee news.

Two weeks into the search for a 14-year-old missing girl from Tennessee, federal and local authorities are asking for help from the public, and her devastated parents are using visceral metaphors to describe the depths of their agony and asking for help. help from the public.

"It's like having your soul torn from your body," Randall Pruitt told a news conference with the authorities on Friday. "You can not think, you can not eat, you can not sleep, you can not rest - life has just stopped for us since he left."

The FBI joined the Monroe County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) in search of the missing teenager, who had last been seen at her home in Madisonville, Tenn. January 13, according to the newspaper. to the FBI and local authorities.

"At this point, we really need the eyes and ears of the community," said an MCSO inspector on Friday.