A security guard was fired for helping apprehend a man who allegedly punched a police officer in the face.

7 month ago

Roseville news, California news.

A security guard was fired last week for helping to apprehend a man who allegedly beat a Placer County sheriff's officer at a Best Buy in Roseville, California, in the face before hiding in the parking lot.

Best Buy said that the employee's actions constituted a violation of company policy, which prohibits workers from responding to illegal events outside the store.

The Placer County Sheriff's Department said the police contacted Timothy Trujillo, a 35-year-old escaped suspect, after being told he may be nearby.

"Trujillo hit one of the detectives and ran away to try to escape." After a short chase, they managed to control him and handcuff him, "Placer County Sheriff's Office said. in a statement. "Trujillo and his car were searched and the detectives found methamphetamine, stolen property and burglary tools."

Trujillo was arrested at the scene and faces charges of "assault and resistance by a peace officer, possession of burglary tools, possession of methamphetamine and burglary," the statement said. "After further investigation, the detectives told Trujillo about the burglaries in Placer County, in addition to his burglaries in Nevada, and he was arrested at South Placer Prison, where he remains in detention without bail."

Lieutenant Andrew Scott of the Placer County Sheriff's Office thanked the Best Buy employee for his help during the arrest during an interview on Saturday.

"Obviously, we are very grateful that he has stepped in," Scott said. "Fortunately, no one was hurt, this is our first and most urgent concern in this kind of situation, but, as he intervened, we were able to catch this man and get him out of the street."

Scott said he was grateful for the employee's help, but his office preferred that citizens are not involved in law enforcement matters.