A tornado in eastern Havana has killed three people and injured 174 others.

7 month ago

Cuba's president Miguel Diaz said a hurricane east of Havana killed three people and wounded 174 others.

The Cuban capital was beaten Sunday night and early Monday because of strong winds and heavy rains. An explosion took place in several neighborhoods of Havana around 21 hours.

Early Monday morning, President Miguel Diaz Canel posted photos of him on Twitter with rescuers, as well as what appeared to be a vehicle overturned by the storm. Little information was broadcast on the storm in the state media.

Images published by Cuban media and residents of Havana on Twitter showed cars smashed by clear areas and cars trapped in floodwaters around the city. A local radio station reported on Twitter that the hems of Regla and October 10 and the town of San Miguel de Padron were affected by the hurricane.