"I don't think shutdowns are good leverage," Rubio said in an interview

7 month ago

Washington news, Florida news.

Encouraging the government to shut down is not an effective tactic to negotiate in Washington, Florida, GOP Senator Marco Rubio said

"I do not think stopping is a good way to pressure."

Rubio said that people should "offered an optimistic assessment of the possibility that the Trump administration and Congress could deal with both border security and immigration.

"I hope tactics aside, we can all agree that border security is important for America," said Rubio. "And this creates an opportunity to do more about these other issues."

Rubio's comments followed the end of the government's longest closure in US history, a stalemate that lasted more than a month and led to hundreds of thousands of government employees missing two paychecks as President Donald Trump sought funding for his border wall with Mexico and Democrats refuse. The agreement signed Friday by Trump, who reopens temporarily, the government does not provide money for the wall.

Trump Friday promised to use "the powers that are bestowed upon me" to build the wall if Congress does not provide funding.