Rescuers recovered the body of a toddler who fell down a 360-foot

7 month ago

Rescuers found the corpse of a toddler dropped to the bottom of a 360-foot (110-meter) well almost two weeks ago, according to local officials in Andalusia in the south from Spain.

Two-year-old Julen Roselló was in the countryside on 13 January in the village of Totalán, in the southern province of Málaga, when he accidentally fell into the 9-inch-diameter well.

The well was neither covered nor secure, according to AFP.

Rescuers had installed a micro-robot equipped with cameras more than 260 feet from the hole, but they were unable to locate the boy.

The team, which included mining rescuers from northern Asturias, also dug horizontal and vertical tunnels to cross where Julen would have fallen.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez commented on Saturday: "Spain joins the infinite sadness of Julen's family. We always appreciate the tireless efforts of those who have sought it for all these days. his parents and relatives. "