FBI Director Christopher Wray says he's "about as angry as I've been in a long, long time."

7 month ago

In a video message to FBI employees, Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, spoke of the government's closure, saying he "was as angry as I have been for a very long time."

"Making sure some people stay at home when they do not want and bring in others without pay - it's staggering, it's unfair," said Wray, highlighting the financial impact of the closure on many government employees on his 35th day.

Wray, who was confirmed to the FBI leadership in 2017 after President James Trump's dismissal of James Comey, said the FBI had "actively pleaded" for its employees, but not in the press because of the extremely political climate. polarized.

"You know better than anyone that we have been in the political spotlight more than we would have liked in recent years," Wray said. "And the last thing this organization needs now is its leadership to find itself in the middle of a full-fledged political conflict."

"But let me also be very clear: we are actively advocating for you at all levels, we are talking day and night with people who can have the greatest impact, to show them how much It concerns everyone, you and your families, and how it might affect the work we have to do for the American people, we just do not do it in the press. "

Wray adds that "apparently simple statements can be diverted by one party or the other".