Violence and child abuse :a disturbing footage of a teacher punching a minor inside a Californian high school

11 months ago

A disturbing incident involving a teacher and a student in a Californian high school .The event that took place inside the classroom Friday afternoon came to light after a footage has been spread.

In the footage,a man named Riley who works as a high school music teacher in Maywood Academy was confronting a 14-years-old boy in front of the classroom when suddenly the teacher landed a punch on the student.The matter turned into a mass of punches exchanged between the student and the teacher until the boy held his teacher’s legs to defeat him ,which only added fuel to fire as Riley started punching the boy repeatedly.

The fighting scene ends up with the involvement of students and a campus official tried to separate both parts.

After interviewing students on the cause of the incident it turned out that Riley asked the student to leave because he wasn’t wearing proper uniform ,the teacher was enraged because the student refused to leave and was specially worked out when the lad started saying racial comments about him.

The boy was taken to a local hospital and was tend to and released later ,while Riley was arrested and charged with child abuse .after posting his bond he was released and would show up in the court in November 30.

The Los Angeles unified school district expressed its disappointment on this matter and promised to work on the matter closely so as not to be repeated in the coming future.