Texas cop arrested teen who threaten to shoot up his school while playing video game.

7 month ago

Texas news.

A 17-year-old Texas teenager was arrested Friday after an off-duty cop playing an online video game allegedly overheard the teen planning a shooting at his former high school.

The officer, who asked not to be identified, called authorities after hearing the teen identified as Devan Y’Shaun Davis-Brooks bragging about a previous arrest and telling his teammates that he was "going to shoot up Taylor High School tomorrow."

“When he made the threats, he referenced the fact that he had been involved in something before and advised to ‘Google it and you’ll know who I am,’” said Taylor police Commander Joseph Branson.

Davis-Brooks' previous arrest came in August 2018 after he and two other teens discussed plans to shoot up their high school. He was charged with a misdemeanor following that arrest, but now authorities are planning to charge him with a felony.

The teen remains in the Williamson County Jail on $25,000 bail.