Missing 3-years-old boy found safe and sound after 3 days of intense searching.

one year ago

Craven County news, North Carolina news.

A 3-year-old boy who went missing from his great-grandmother's backyard in Craven County .has been found alive in North Carolina, an FBI spokeswoman said.

Casey Lynn Hathaway was playing with two other relatives in his great-grandmother's backyard Tuesday but didn't come inside when the others did.

His family called 911 after searching for the boy for 45 min.

Authorities found Casey tangled up in briars and thorn patches, near Toler and Aurora Roads, close to his grandmother’s Craven County home, not far from where he disappeared from on Tuesday afternoon while outside playing. He’s been transported to the Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern for a medical evaluation.

Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes said during Thursday night’s press conference that authorities had to go through some water to get to the boy, who was found in wet clothes with his jacket on, still zipped up, after a nearby neighbor heard him crying out. The sheriff said Casey was asking for his mother when found.

According to authorities, there were no signs that the boy had been abducted.