Roger Stone was indicted on a witness tampering charge

7 month ago

Before testifying before Congress, Roger Stone had been charged with falsifying a witness for presumptive attempt to influence the radio presenter before his testimony before Congress. He had even used the language of mass films and quoted the disgraced President Richard Nixon for whom Stone had already worked.

Credico is identified as "Person 2" in the indictment - one of the people who contacted Stone about what Assange knew - one from his lawyer, Martin Stolar, confirmed

Stone said that Credico, a political activist and progressive radio host in New York, served as a channel for WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. Credico denied having acted as an intermediary.

Stone warned Credico that he would be "charged with perjury" because he could contradict Stone's testimony. "And if you entrust anything to the FBI, you're a fool," Stone later told Credico by text message.

On several occasions, Stone asked him to make a "Frank Pentangeli", a reference to a character from the "Godfather: Part II" who pretended the innocence of Congress.

He also called him "a rat" and a "stool," prosecutors said. He threatened to take Credico - Bianca's dog, a fluffy white pet, who even accompanied Credico when he appeared before a grand jury - and told him, "Prepare to die," An official said.