Florida man arrested after attacking neighboring Iraqi family,Threatening that ‘Trump will handle it.’

7 month ago

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Pasco County deputies arrested a Holiday man on hate crime after attacking a neighboring Iraki family Wednesday.

58-year-old David Allen Boileau started harassing his new Iraqi neighbors stating that they shouldn’t be living in the neighborhood.

Boileau recently moved into 3434 Pinehurst Drive. The family he targeted lived there for three years without incident, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The first incident between Boileau and his neighbors took place Monday, the agency said, when he threw nails, screws or both in the road in an attempt to puncture the tires of a relative of the family.

“The U.S. needs to rid the country of all of them,” Boileau told a deputy on Monday, according to a report. “We’ll get rid of them one way or another.”

On Tuesday, Boileau allegedly approached the family's home, yelling through the windows and walking the house's perimeter. An unidentified neighbor told the Tampa Bay Times that he saw Boileau exit through the home's front door and started to record video, telling Boileau that he was alerting police.

Boileau was reportedly arrested and told the deputy that he had gone into the house through an unlocked door.

No one was home at the time, according to the report, but the homeowner reported a wallet full of credit cards was missing.

Pasco deputies were able to make an arrest after Boileau admitted to breaking into the family's home.

He faces burglary charges of an unoccupied dwelling. He had a pocket knife and a lighter on him when the deputy stopped him.

The victimized family said that Boileau did not like them since his arrival in the neighborhood. The homeowner reportedly worked as an interpreter for the US Army in Iraq and was living in the United States legally.

This case will be handed over to the FBI who investigates hate crimes.