some people who were evacuated in Southern California were allowed to return home.

10 month ago

after fleeing California's huge wildfires, some people were finally allowed to return to the locations of their houses in southern California, the main highway was flooded with numerous arriving victims this Monday.

the evacuation policy was lifted in numbers of neighborhoods with people return to the ruins to inspect the damage and recover some of their belonging from ashes.

however mandatory evacuation is still valid in other areas including Malibu and Calabasas.

a lot of people were devastated upon seeing their beloved houses where they have raised their children and created memories turned into ruins.

Woolsey fire reached more than 143 square miles while firefighters reduced the progress of the blazes to 20 %.

destroyed structures data was released to 370, meaning that only 15 % of the damage was evaluated leaving a place for an even bigger rate.

authorities were critically challenged to stop the troops of fire, while the wind coming from Southern California's mountain is feeding the fire and keeping the blazes alive.

the toll of catastrophe is fixed to 29 people for the time being.

the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University, where 3,500 students were living. The university said it was closing Malibu campus and Calabasas campus to the north until Nov. 26 while classes would be distributed online and through emails.

the cause of the fire is still under investigations; authorities think that there was an outage on an electrical circuit near where it started combined with the Santa Ana winds were the seeds of the wildfire.

climate changing and careless human behaviors attributed in the most savage wildfires in the history of California, authorities are doing their best and evacuated people can't wait to return to what was once their beloved shelters.