President of Venezuela to cut diplomatic relations with U.S. after Trump recognises opposition leader as president.

7 month ago

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro expressed his disappointment on the US after Trump recognized opposition leader as president, saying that he is going to cut all diplomatic relations with the nation.

The move came after Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself a president.

Maduro said on Tuesday he would announce new measures in the next few hours, in comments that came shortly after Pence declared support for protesters and opposition leaders before widespread anti-government demonstrations planned for Wednesday.

"On behalf of President Donald Trump and all the American people, let me express the unwavering support of the United States as you, the people of Venezuela, raise your voices in a call for freedom," Pence said in a taped video message in English with a few Spanish words and phrases mixed in.

"Nicolas Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. He has never won the presidency in a free and fair election, and has maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him."

The rebellious act was welcomed by the US, Canada and several Latin American governments, including Brazil and Colombia. Donald Trump said he would use the “full weight” of US economic and diplomatic power to push for the restoration of Venezuela’s democracy.

While getting nations' support, Maduro was assisted by thousands of protesters who gathered for the rally against President Maduro.

The 35-year-old lawmaker said his surprise move was the only way to rescue Venezuela from “dictatorship” and restore constitutional order.