£5,700 for a newborn baby: a mother tried to sell her baby after going through an early c-section .

9 month ago

Mother of six, Valentina Lyapunova is under investigations after trying to sell her seventh newborn baby.

the alleged mother underwent an early c-section in her 7th month before her belly would be visible to the eyes of neighbors.

after making a deal with a doctor in Russia's western Nizhny Novgorod Oblast region she got a secret c-section surgery.

shortly after Kolya's birth, Lyapunova posted on social media that she's looking for adoptive parents for the child.

Yulia and Sergey a married contacted the mother back and were interested into adopting the baby, They arrived from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod to see him only to be shocked with the mother's other plans; as she was going to sell him for 500,000 RUB.

the potential parents did not like the idea and reported her to the social movement 'Alternativa'.

Yulia revealed that she had several meetings with the mother while being secretly filmed by volunteers from the movement.

police are still running their investigations and the incident is still open.