2 People were hit by Florida officer while watching Eclipse on a dark road.

7 month ago

Florida police department says an officer ran over two people who were lying in a dark roadway to watch Sunday night's lunar eclipse.

The pair, a man and a woman, both aged 24, have been run over by a police cruiser on patrol in West Palm Beach, Florida. The incident happened on the Apoxee Trail, which is a natural trail of about 2.5 miles,

Around midnight the officer was patrolling the Apoxee Trail when he struck the two pedestrians that were lying on the dark roadway.

Police said the man and the woman live nearby. Because the park was "extremely dark," officials believe they were trying to watch the eclipse when they were run over.

The two individuals were taken to a hospital, their names have not been made public, to be treated for “non-life-threatening injuries.” Further information about their injuries was not forthcoming.

The police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave while the case is being investigated.