Horses help deputies taking down fugitive running away from cops.

7 month ago

Volusia County deputies got some unexpected help from horses in a pasture after a suspect authorities were chasing was kicked out of a pasture by three horses and arrested by deputies.

Deputies said they were performing an active patrol in DeLand on Wednesday when they came across a white Chevrolet with a tag light out, rendering the license plate illegible. The patrol vehicle followed behind the suspect car, driven by Dominic Maultsby, with its sirens and lights activated.

The 29-years-old made a U-turn and drove away at a high rate of speed, evading cops until officers eventually used a spike strip to disable his car.

After abandoning the vehicle, Maultsby took off on foot and eventually made his way into a horse field.

Three nearby horses in the pasture saw the suspect running and began to give chase after Maultsby.

The horses eventually chased Maultsby out of the pasture, where he climbed over a fence and into deputies’ custody.

Maultsby was arrested for driving offenses, fleeing polic and resisting arrest.