2 dead, 4 wounded, in a gambling-related dispute in Tennessee.

10 month ago

A shooting incident occurred Saturday night at a home in northern Shelby County in Tennessee, police investigators believe the shooting was due to a gambling-related quarrel.

Two men were killed identified as Marcus Conway, 18, and Marquis Taylor, 22, both Memphis residents according to The Shelby County Sheriff's Office tweeter page, one of the victims was already dead when police arrived at the scene while the other one passed away in the hospital.

police also revealed that 4 other men were injured 3 of them are taken to the hospital to tend to while their condition range from serious to critical; the other injured victim who is also in another hospital and who suffers less critical injuries turned out to be only a 13-years-old boy.

authorities believe that all the victims know the suspect and are still looking for more shreds of evidence while waiting for the victim's responses toward the incident nobody's got arrested yet.