Car of Atlanta Falcons' player stolen at Buckhead gas station

7 month ago

According to police, the Atlanta Falcons' Calvin Ridley has his vehicle stolen at a gas station.

The incident occurred on Saturday night when Ridley, 24, was at a BP gas station in Buckhead, Georgia and was in the convenience store when his 2018 Dodge Challenger was robbed. The car was still running when the athlete was in the store and somebody fled away with it.

Later, Ridley tweeted asked the public for aid getting his vehicle back: "Man they got me last night in Buckhead; car stolen. No such things as a safe part of town so be careful. Grateful there was no violence, they just got me at the gas station and rode out."

No arrest has been made in the case.

The athlete recorded 821 yards and 10 touchdowns in his first season with the Falcons.