Colorado man who allegedly threatened to kill

7 month ago

Police arrested a Colorado man, Christopher Cleary, this weekend, who reportedly threatened to kill "as many girls as I see" during a large-scale shootings.

Christopher Cleary, 27, reportedly told the police that he intended to target women during a public shootout because he was virgin and had been rejected several times, according to the Provo Police Department.

All I want is to be loved, but nobody cares about me.

Police clashed Saturday in Provo, Utah, and questioned him.

He wrote in on Facebook. "I'm 27 years old and have never had a girlfriend before, and I'm still a virgin."

"I am ready to die and I will make sure that i will kill all the girls who have rejected me" he said.

Police said the investigation involved several agencies in Colorado.

Clare, under surveillance for criminal harassment, he has been arrested for violating surveillance and threats of terrorism, police said.

Clare also made suicidal comments and told investigators that he was suffering from a "mental disorder", the statement said.