Lionel Richie's Son detained by London Police for Bomb Threat.

7 month ago

Lionel Richie’s son has been detained by London police after threatening to explode a bomb on a plane in a row with security staff at Heathrow airport and for punching a security guard.

24-years-old Miles Brockman Richie was allegedly detained by police at London’s Heathrow Airport after reportedly getting into an altercation with officials and claiming he was in possession of a bomb.

Eyewitnesses told police that Miles was trying to get on a flight, but for some reason wasn't allowed. He became angry and allegedly claimed he had a bomb in his bag, which he'd detonate if he wasn't let on to the plane.

When security showed up, Miles allegedly punched one of the guards. That's when police intervened, detained him, and issued him the caution on site.

Miles was released after briefly being detained, and has yet to speak about the incident.