Two men are in a serious condition after they were stabbed during a home invasion in Wagga Wagga

7 month ago

On Monday, January 21, 2019, emergency services were called in a house on Ashmont Street, Ashmont, following the announcement of a home invasion.

Upon arrival, the Riverna County Police found two men aged 42 and 46 in the house, both stabbed in the chest.

The wounded were taken to Wagga Wagga Rural Hospital. They have a serious condition.

Since then, the young man has been transferred to St. George's Hospital for further treatment.

Police reported three men who had been forced into the house and threatened residents before stabbing them.

The three men stole the car keys and left the premises in Holden State.

After the investigations, the police found the car unattended at Grinton Avenue, Ashmon.