Alabama veterinary student arrested for selling at least 13 horses to slaughter, telling their owners she'll offer them loving home

7 month ago

An Alabama veterinary student was arrested on Saturday after allegedly selling at least 13 horses to slaughter in Mexico instead of offering them shelter as she told their owners.

Fallon Danielle Blackwood, 24, faces charges of bringing property into the state that was obtained under false pretense. Her arrest came after her indictment on 13 counts in October and a previous arrest on a similar charge last year in North Carolina.

Blackwood reportedly told her alleged victims she would help caring for their animals and offer them a loving home at her Alabama farm.

Stolen Horse International, a nonprofit that helps find lost or stolen horses, said that at least 33 people were reporting their animals disappearances including 51 horses and two goats, all connected to Blackwood.